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"Ignorance of law is not an excuse."   It is for this reason that this site aims at educating people with the fundamental principles of Indian Law, These principles are grouped under the caption "Fundamentals of Law". If we keep in mind certain general principles and take adequate precautions, many a legal problem can be averted.  These points are given under the heading "Legal problems".  Similarly successful legal solutions are possible only when we take  timely, and appropriate steps taking into account the nature and intricacies of legal problems.   Such vital points in solving legal problems successfully are given under the heading "Legal solutions".   General ideas on legal principles and litigations in India are given under the heading "General Ideas".   Some of the  reported cases handled by me are given under the heading  "Reported cases".          

                  In view of the intricacies of the subject matter, it is not possible to give exhaustive  guidelines on a complex and dynamic subject like law.  It is therefore needless to state  that the information available in this site is only illustrative in nature and not claimed to be exhaustive.  It is always advisable to seek expert  professional advice by giving full details of the subject matter to avert legal problems and for successful legal solutions.

                  Currently the site is under development and I expect it to be ready shortly.